Equipment Upkeep


Cartridge Change 

Need help changing your Scent Marketing cartridge? It only takes a moment and can be done in a few easy steps.  

Return Shipping  

If you would prefer, Scent Marketing  can handle the disposal of your used cartridges. Feel free to return them to us for disposal.  

ScentConnect Video User Guides

Become a ScentConnect expert in minutes with these easy to follow video guides.

ScentWave User Guides

Get quick help with common installation and system management questions.

Get the Most Out of Your Cartridges In 4 Easy Steps 

  1. Only remove the shrink-wrapped plastic from the cartridge when you are ready to use it
  2. If you order a variety of fragrances, identify the fragrance name on the label before opening to ensure you have selected the correct scent you plan to use for the month
  3. Store your future months’ supply of cartridges in a safe spot
  4. Set a calendar reminder to switch out your cartridge every 30 days

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