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Who We Are:

ScentAir MENA is the market leader of in-store scent delivery solutions for brands and retailers. Our scents enhance environments, identify brands and create memorable experiences. We do more than install air fresheners in lobbies, we work with each of our clients to establish and implement scent marketing strategies specific to their property.

What We Do:

Scent Marketing is how businesses are breaking though the mundane and overused marketing gimmicks to reach customers emotionally. It's finally being innovative enough to involve the strongest of the five human senses in a marketing campaign. It's the art of incorporating smell into the business of marketing and branding.

How We Do It:

ScentAir MENA is committed to providing superior products and client service. From our broad range of scents, multiple system and installation options - even custom scents and fully engineered systems - ScentAir MENA offers a combination of products and expertise to create a complete aroma marketing solution.

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