Add-On Products

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Make your branded scent go further. Keep your brand top-of-mind. Distribute a piece of your brand and mitigate your costs.

A Fragrance So Remarkable Customers Want to Bring It Home 

Imagine being able to give customers a piece of your brand. And not just a can koozie or notepad that will get shoved in the back of a cabinet. Imagine sending customers home with a fragrance they love and will diffuse in their homes—your fragrance.  

Our clients get regular inquiries about their amazing smell. Add-on products are an excellent way to capitalize on your branded scent. Share them with customers or sell them on-site and mitigate your costs.  

Discover New Ways To Keep Your Brand Top-Of-Mind.  

Powerful brand recognition in a jar.

Stylishly simple fragrance diffusion. Powerful brand recognition.