Scent Marketing for Business

Scent Marketing is the easiest way to make your customer experience more remarkable. Build emotional connections, improve brand perception, and increase revenue in an instant.

Make People Talk 

Scent Marketing helps businesses in public-facing industries build stronger customer relationships by creating richer on-site experiences with fragrance. We help businesses craft emotional experiences designed to improve brand perception. When you give customers an emotional brand experience and superior customer experience, you give them something worth talking about. 

Brands Are About Feelings

The most successful brands today are those that bridge the divide between the logical and emotional. Scent makes it easy to build authentic, emotional connections with customers who identify with your brand ethos. You know your target audience. Speak the language your customers intuitively understand. 

Every Interaction Matters  

The highest performing businesses today are those that use each interaction to prove their authenticity and value. Scent Marketing makes it easy to maximize the potential of every in-person touchpoint. Our science-backed approach to creating remarkable customer experiences allows you to set a tone in your space that aligns with your business goals.

The Fastest Way To Gain Customer Loyalty  

Only 1 in 4 brands stand out to consumers. Meanwhile, consumers are craving rich experiences and emotional connections from the businesses they use. In fact, businesses that deliver exceptional experiences earn Net Promoter Scores 200% higher than their peers. And grow twice as fast.

Scent is a shortcut to creating emotional connections. Though humans are most receptive when all 5 senses are active, most marketers only use sight and sound to communicate with customers.3 A Scent Marketing program is an opportunity to increase NPS with outstanding, emotional customer experiences. Take advantage of the relationships and value your competitors are leaving on the table.

Make Your Brand Tangible 
Invite customers into an immersive, lived experience.
Create Strong Customer Relationships 
Connect emotionally and increase customer trust, loyalty, and meaning.1 
Differentiate Your Business 
Notoriety so strong, customers know you by scent alone. 
Generate More Value from Customers 
Emotionally connected customers are 52% more valuable than those who are just satisfied.2  
Complete the Look & Feel of Your Space 
Own every detail of your customer experience.  
Foster Outstanding Customer Service 
Improve mood and bypass the challenges of forming fast rapport.4 
Boost Customer Satisfaction 
Deliver experiences that go above and beyond customer expectations. 
Align Your Workforce
Generate team enthusiasm for your business ethos and enjoy higher employee engagement. 


Clear Results, Measurable Returns 

Our clients conducted their own research to determine the validity of their investment in Scent Marketing. Their findings revealed the value you can expect from Scent Marketing.

“With Scent Marketing , reaching that unforgettable first impression is much more achievable.” 

Community Manger, Greystar Properties 

What can your business achieve when customers are so intimately connected with your brand, they know it by smell alone? 

Just a few of our loyal customers